A speedy codeless solution.
Easy content management and ready-to-use texts and visuals. Maximum engagement and higher sales.

Quick integration with any applications and CMSs
to your website
What are Stories good for?
Showcase new and featured products
Promote call-to-action copy
Draw attention to your latest content
Share news with your website’s audience
Conducting interactive.
Voting, polls, question/answer
Easy access
to ready-to-use content
Branded content
Utilize ready-to-use branded content from Instagram, and TikTok
Manage content
Upload and manage content with ease in your dashboard
Take advantage of user-generated content from Instagram, and TikTok
Customer content
Average Time
Page Sessions
Why Stories?
Bounce Rate
Stories fuel engagement and boost sales.

Content matters to users, and Stories are a familiar format helping to channel traffic and build trust. Use Stories to improve behavioral metrics and enhance conversion rates.
Conversion Rate
with a few clicks
Not just a widget
Embed Stories on any website, no matter the CMS,
or in a mobile app via API/SDK
Doesn’t slow down website loading time
due to asynchronous loading

Several designs to choose from
Doesn’t slow down website loading time
due to asynchronous loading

Easy posting
Add product tags to stories

Ready-to-use content
Utilize social media content

Upload photo/video stories in your dashboard

Right content
at the right place
Manage how content is distributed across the pages of your website and app. With Frisbuy, there are no limits on the number of widgets or amount of content.
Embedded analytics
understand what makes your content tick

Tech support
We’ll help you to embed the widget, providing any assistance you might need.
Interactive Block
Engage your website audience with tools integrated into Stories.
Segment users based on their interactions.
• Conducting Interactives.
• Voting, polls, question/answer, forms.
Yes, you can. Use your dashboard to choose what content should be displayed on the website and what on the social media only, or upload unique content for your website audience.
Can I moderate
the content?
Yes, you can tag products and much more in your Stories. Add links to your website or third-party media.
Can I tag Stories?
Yes, it will. But, if this option doesn’t work for you, you can always change your content visibility settings.
Will content from social media appear on the website automatically?
Yes, you have total control over content visibility across your web channels.
Can I display different content on the website and in the app?