a swiss army knife for curating, managing,
and embedding UGC
a UGC platform

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Social proof
is one of the strongest triggers in making purchasing decisions
Frisbuy collects UGC with effortless ease
and delivers it to your website

Stories are perfect for:
  • telling news,
  • showcasing products and special offers,
  • storytelling about your services
Stories are the most engaging content format. Embed stories on your website with a few clicks.
Stories on your website
  • ready-to-use emotional content featuring your products and services;
  • trustworthy testimonials and social proofs;
  • the second most important factor in the purchase decision.
Visual reviews are
Increase sales for your website and online store by repurposing your customers’ social media content.
Visual reviews
Social galleries
  • prolong the lifespan of social media content to the benefit of your website;
  • build trust for your website, using social factors;
  • spruce up your website with beautiful content.
Enhance your website with excellent content from your social media.
Social galleries
  • to gather feedback from your customers;
  • to increase brand credibility and confidence in your product/service;
  • to improve your website conversion rate.
Written reviews help
Increase sales for your website and online store by repurposing your customers’ social media content.
Written reviews
UGC collection:
360 degrees
  • Frisbuy will find and deliver to your digital channels sumptuous content from popular social media: Instagram, VK, TikTok.

  • Frisbuy uses widgets to collect content across your digital channels.

  • We gather UGC in any format – texts, photos, videos – or combination of formats.
Manage content
  • An easy-to-use dashboard for content management. Choose the best social media content or upload your own in your dashboard. Select where the content will appear on your website

  • Pep up your posts with links, product tags, and calls to action. Improve your website conversion rate

  • Analyze content usefulness in your dashboard with Google Analytics and Yandex Metrika

  • Multi-user support. Manage your content as a team
Automated posting and moderation

Embed UGC
on your website
Embed UGC anywhere on your website easily and without coding, no matter what CMS you use
Create review forms
Make the most of our adaptive widgets
Take advantage of automatic product/service categorization

Use a template or customize your design
Benefit from shoppable reviews leading to a desired action
Trusted by hundreds of customers
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